Case 1: Let’s Break the pulp stone

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How’s life there?? Hope we are always be blessed by God, and always succeed in our life.. So, this is my first post in SekilasKonservasiGigi.Com 🙂 i am going to remind you that i so many stories (i mean case report) in CeritaPasienRio.Com, make sure you are there too catch up with my stories.. 🙂

as my first post, i am gonna share my old post in social media account.. here it is.. 🙂

It is time to break the Pulp Stone, huh!

yup, I got this case in around 2014. at the first visit i realized that there was a puklp stone covering the distolingual orifice. i removed it using regular scaler tip (Yup, a regular one, not special), and tried to manage it using a small k-file number 08 to the working lenght, and finally i could clean and shape it well..

breaking the pulp stone

Picture Information:

1. Initial view from occlusal after cavity access

2. take a look at a pulp stone encovering the disto lingual orifice,

3. finished cleaning and shaping of all root canal,

4. Obturation completed!

i used 5,25% Sodium Hypoclhorite as irrigant, and Rotary instrument combination with hand K-file as a shaping method.

because dentistry is too complex to do it alone, Let’s do it together.. 🙂

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