case 17: Restoring a class II Cavity with open contact

Assalammualaikum Wr Wb.. Good Morning!!

Hi! long time no post in here, I think it’s been more than a week since I post my last case in SekilasKonservasiGigi.Com..  as I want you to remember, SekilasKonservasiGigi.Com, conservative dentistry at a glance.. a mini story of CeritaPasienRio.Com.. 🙂 as you may see, this website would be delivered in english..

in order to end my Saturday nite, I will share my story about restorative dentistry. and today’s focus is about a restoration on class II cavity which has an open contact with edentulous area..

Patient came to me with a broken composite resin restoration. She felt sensitive on her tooth while eating or drinking hot/cold beverages, she had her tooth restored by another operator for 2-3 years ago before she came to me.. and now, she wants to get her tooth anatomy’s back!

drg. Rio SpKG 6 april 2015

Picture Information:

1. Tooth 14 with a broken previous composite resin filling, secondary caries, and bulk discoloration. this condition represents a patient’s chief complain about sensitivity while eating and/or drinking with high or low temperatures.

2. tooth 14 after tooth preparation, leaving a discolored affected dentine with hard surface texture. the cavity progression was near the pulp horn, fortunately the pulp still vital and no condition of pulpal involvement.

3. inserting a tofflemire matrix in order to build up the distal wall.

4. placing SDR (Smart Dentin Replacement) a low compressive strength composite resin material. 

5. final placement of packable composite resin material.

6. check occlusion and articulation with articulating paper.

7. Final restoration with single shade body color.

as a conclusion: 

I restored the cavity using single body shade packable composite resin material with color A3 (Z250, 3M ESPE), with low shrinkage stress flowable composite material (SDR, Dentsply) the matrix i used was Tofflemire matrix. the time lapse was 30 minutes including a polishing and finishing time.

Yup, that’s for my 17th story in SekilasKonservasiGigi.Com, For more stories please visit CeritaPasienRio.Com or browse my fb at and don’t forget to click the follow botton on your rigth side to get the latest updates from my site.. see you on my next dental story..

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Wassalammualaikum Wr Wb..

-drg. Rio Suryantoro, Sp.KG-

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