Case 19: Sometimes, GIC is (the only) One of the Option

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Yup, we meet up again at SekilasKonservasiGigi.Com. A mini series case report update on conservative dentistry from my daily dental practice, it should be updated each week per case, and you can also follow me on my instagram of facebook account by clicking those words. 🙂

and, now, we are back to restorative dentistry.. yup, this is a glass ionomer time!!

Yup! I promote GIC’s usage because GIC can be use in the area in which the dentist might experience high caries risk patients. As we know, glass ionomer cement can promote remineralization to tooth surface adjacent to it. in deep carious lesion, GIC can be used as base/liner, or even an intermediate restoration, or long term temporary filling. but, the consistency of glass ionomer cement makes it difficult to contour, and some operators hate this condition. the question is, what if we can shape GIC?

in this case, I had a patient with a big cavity, he experience pain while eating or drinking a cold/hot foods or beverages, and feeling disturbed while food debris retain in the cavity.

here it is…

glass ionomer cement GIC kelas 2 kavitas spesialis konservasi gigi

Picture Information:

1. first view of lower left first molar showing a deep active caries

2. Tooth after preparation. the deep of the cavity had not involving the pulp chamber. patient still felt sensitive, no prolong pain. in order to make a good diagnosis, I told the patient to put an intermediate restoration until the pulp diagnosis been clear.

3. the placement of sectional matrix. take a look at the tightness in the junction between matrix and gingival wall. and a good contact created by the contoured matrix band.

4. finished glass ionomer cement restoration. take a look at the tooth anatomy, proximal contact, and the polished surface of GIC.

To restore this tooth, I used Ketac Molar (3M ESPE), Palodent plus sectional matrix (DENTSPLY), Enhance (DENTSPLY), Arkansas polishing stone, and regular restoration tools. the time lapse was 30 minutes including a polishing and finishing time.

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