case 20: finish the pulpitis on 46

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yup, it’s been a looooong time not to post something here. but, i assure you that most of these cases posted here were already uploaded on the instagram, facebook, google+, line, or any social media I had on my smartphone, hehe… and, today, i am gonna give my late case on late april 2015.

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let the story begin… 

it was on the late april 2015, a patient came to me with a spontaneous pain, throbbing pain, and this pain really disturb his quality of life. “this pain coming from this lower right lower molar…” said the patient. when i checked it, yup! it had been treated by another operator, but the former was not really treated the infection. the infection still persist, and the patient’s pain still exist.

the objective evaluation showed the mandibular first molar with previous unfinished dental treatment with the cavity has progressed deeply, the tooth still vital, the vitality test showed prolonged sensitivity (Sign of pulpal infection). the radiographic examination showed a radiolucencies reaching the pulp chamber.


drg. Rio SpKG PSA 46 perawatan sal akar

Picture Information:

  1. first view of mandibular right first molar, take a look at the reddish point at the pulp chamber
  2. the inverted radiographic image from tooth 46 showing a radiolucencies reaching the pulp.
  3. after completion of access cavity preparation
  4. cleaning and shaping procedure showed a copious amount of irrigation of sodium hypochlorite 5,25% inside root canal.
  5. finished cleaning and shaping on mesiolingual and distal canals
  6. keep up cleaning and shaping with copious amount of irrigation.
  7. finished all root canal cleaning and shaping.
  8. finished root canal obturation.
  9. radiographic image after root canal obturation (along with placement of SDR as coronal sealant)

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-drg. Rio Suryantoro, Sp.KG-

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