case 25: Glass Ionomer Cement as a long term intermediate restoration

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Good day to all of You, thank you so much for your time to read all of my cases here. for your information, is a full description writing of my daily cases which i already uploaded on instagram, facebook, google plus, or twitter. Yup, this is the 25th case and the story still continues.. previously, i wrote my cases on CeritaPasienRio.Com which is delivered in Bahasa Indonesia, and the story also still continues.. ūüôā

today, I will bring out one of my glass ionomer cases, I used it as intermediate restoration. I believe that if the occlusal force can be maintained and distributed well, the restoration will not fail. the question is, how to get this condition? So, I created the cusp and grooves with GIC, checked it with articulating paper, then removed the area with a strong mark. with its fluoride  storage and release ability, this can be used as caries control restoration, to a patient with high caries risk or bad oral hygiene, prior to be placed a definitive restoration.

drg. Rio SpKG GIC slipi gigi 46 kelas 2 Juni

Picture Information:

  1. first radiographic image of patient on lower right first molar with old bad restoration. take a look at the gap between the restoration margin and the cavity wall.
  2. coronal view after removal old restoration. note the decalcified dentine which is dark brown in color and leathery in consistency.
  3. caries removal and cavity preparation
  4. insertion of sectional matrix. I used Triodent (Ultradent) system. the wedge was used to adapt the matrix band in the gingival wall, and the ring to separate the tooth.
  5. final occlusal view of glass ionomer cement after finishing and polishing prosedure. I used Ketac Molar (3M ESPE). the polishers i used were white stone/arkansas, enhance (dentsply), and Soflex (3M ESPE).
  6. radiographic image of the final result on my restoration. the crucial part of restoring GIC is the packing procedure. Yup, it is not easy to pack the GIC, sometimes miss packing will create a void inside the body of the restoration, or the margin of the restoration.
  7. Final result from lateral view.. ūüôā

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Wassalammualaikum Wr Wb..

-drg. Rio Suryantoro, Sp.KG-

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