case 24: see the white shades over the reddish yellow

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welcome back to SekilasKonservasiGigi.Com, a full story of my mini series updated from my social media such as instagram, facebook, google plus, and also twitter. Sometimes, I also updated my cases at Line or Linkedin. 🙂 this topic will focus only on conservative dentistry cases such as restorative dentistry and endodontic or root canal treatment.

hmm.. my previous case was about restoration of big class II cavity on premolar, and it’s unseen cavity. now, i will deliver my case on molar tooth, specifically on lower right first molar. the unique anatomy of first molar is the sum of the cusp, yup! it has five cusps.

I got this cases in the late of june, when the month of june almost end. Patient came to me to discuss about her old amalgam restoration, she felt sensitive while eating or drinking with several high or low degree temperature, it disturb her quality of life, and it (amalgam restoration) seems fractured already. this restoration has been there for more than 10 years. so, this is the case!

drg. Rio, SpKG resin komposit kelas 2drg fani 46 AF2 spesialis konservasi gigi

Picture Information:

  1. first view of amalgam restoration in lower right first molar, showed a flat surfaced amalgam restoration, a little bit of chipping in distal, and also secondary caries progressed beneath the restoration.
  2. finished caries and old amalgam restoration removal followed with cavity preparation. note the red spot, it is not a pulpal perforation but the base of the cavity. the differences in color and deep among the color of the base of the cavity (dark) make it contrast, and look like a perforation. (common question exist after my colleagues seen this picture).
  3. insertion of sectional matrix, Fendermate (Directa), in distal of molar tooth. this matrix has its separation effect through the wedge, and the band will create the proximal contour.
  4. finished placement of composite resin prior to finishing and polishing procedure. I used z250XT – nanohybrid universal composite resin material (3M ESPE) color A2 combined with bleach shade XW from z350XT – nanofill universal composite resin material (3M ESPE) to create a lifelike white shade over the occlusal layer.
  5. finished restoration on lower right first molar.the polishers i used were white stone/arkansas, enhance (dentsply), and Soflex (3M ESPE).

Yup, that’s for my 24th story in SekilasKonservasiGigi.Com, For more stories please visit CeritaPasienRio.Com or browse my fb at and don’t forget to click the follow botton on your rigth side to get the latest updates from my site.. see you on my next dental story.. thank You Very Much, keep UP the GOOD WORK!! keep on Sharing, with love from Jakarta, Indonesia

Wassalammualaikum Wr Wb..

-drg. Rio Suryantoro, Sp.KG-

M e e t   m e   a t :

All Care Dental Centre, Plaza 5 Pondok Indah, blok B No. 15. Jakarta selatan
Positive dental Team Clinic, JL. Anggrek Garuda DII/1B, slipi, jakarta barat
Mayapada Hospital, Jl. Lebak Bulus I Kav 29, Jakarta Selatan

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