case 14: A Simple Way To Treat A Class I Cavity

Assalammualaikum Wr Wb.. Good Morning!!

Hii.. Good Evening on People from GMT+7 area, hehe.. So, today is february 24th, 2015. I think it is a good time to write down a new case, my recent case which was done at last saturday, february 21st 2015. So,  welcome to SekilasKonservasiGigi.Com, conservative dentistry at a glance.. a mini story of CeritaPasienRio.Com.. 🙂 this site will be delivered in english, so, you would not need any google translator, hehe..

in this midweek, i will present to you my restoration on class I cavity, yup! still in molar. for some dentists might feel it is a very common case, but for me as the other one might think that it is a basic but challenging. hehe.. at least dentistry is very challenging now a days huh.. hehe..

i got this case last saturday, a patient who want to go to australia to continue the her study, she had her full dental health checked before going to Aussie.. So, i found an interesting class I cavity here in tooth 36. this molar has many deep fissures, and a deep caries progression.

I restored the cavity using a composite resin, SDR as a dentin replacement and Ceram.X one as upper part of restoration. the time lapse was 30 minutes including a polishing and finishing time. Oh, i used a single shade, no tint or color modifier.. so, here it is.. 🙂

dokter gigi rio suryantoro spesialis konservasi gigi resin komposit kelas 1


Picture Information:

1. (upper left) First appearance, yup.. as you see, the caries location was at occlusal surface or we called it class I cavity. this tooth anatomy had many deep fissures which also had a caries.. 

2. (upper right) tooth appearance after caries removal and cavity preparation. ready to fill it with composite resin

3. (middle left) ah, this was the appearance after filling with composite resin packable and SDR as dentin replacement. ready to finish and polish..

4. (middle right) the tooth checked for occlusion and articulation behaviour.

5. (bottom) FINAL RESULT.

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-drg. Rio Suryantoro, Sp.KG-

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