Case 15: A Simple Way To Treat Class II On Premolar

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Long time no see from my last update since february 24th, eh? How are you? hope everyone miss this update, hehe.. welcome to SekilasKonservasiGigi.Com, conservative dentistry at a glance.. a mini story of CeritaPasienRio.Com.. 🙂 this site will be delivered in english. Today, i will write a story from my dental case which i did two days ago, or exactly at march 4, 2015. this case was quite simple but i think we can find something challenging from a simple thing, don’t we?

a patient came to me with a main complain on her upper left tooth which always felt sensitive while drinking a cold water (or any food and beverage that have significant hot or cold temperature), she could not tell the exact teeth because the feeling was general. When i take a look at the tooth, there was a caries on upper left premolar.. and the treatment begins.. 

dokter gigi rio suryantoro spesialis konservasi gigi resin komposit kelas 2 3maret2015

Picture Information:

1. (upper left) first appearance.. as we can see, there is a cavity in the proximal distal wall of upper left first premolar. the marginal ridge looks frozen white or chalky white as a big demineralization has gone deeper than the outer looks.

2. (upper right) Matrix placement after cavity preparation. the caries was big, i need to dig up lots of demineralized dentin prior to make a good restoration. 

3. (middle left) Placement of low shrinkage stress flowable composite material as initial layer and dentin replacement prior to packable composite resin placement. i chose SDR to fulfill the requirement. 

4. (middle right) right after placement of final layer of composite material, i checked the occlusion and articulation via articulating paper. as we can see, only little adjustment needed. 

5. (Bottom) Final Result after finishing and polishing.

I restored the cavity using a composite resin, SDR as a dentin replacement and Z350XT as final layer of restoration. the matrix i used was Palodent Plus. the time lapse was 30 minutes including a polishing and finishing time. Oh, i used a single shade, no tint or color modifier.. 🙂

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