case 23: Unseen yet big cavity on Premolar

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Hi! back again with me on SekilasKonservasiGigi.Com, yup! In here, I will share my dental cases, not the difficult ones but the simple ones that we commonly seen in our daily dental practice, this topic will focus only on conservative dentistry cases such as restorative dentistry and endodontic or root canal treatment. For more updates of my daily dental practice, You may check my instagramfacebook or google plus account because I always share my cases at least once a week.

hmm.. this week our topic is still about premolar, and still about unseen cavity. have you seen my previous case? yup, it was about the cavity under the proximal contact, and it can be seen from the occlusal and lateral view, and now.. how about a cavity that may not be seen clearly from both occlusal and lateral view?? yes, this is it!

drg. Rio SpKG RK safira resin komposit kelas 2 9 juni 2015

Picture Information:

story of the patient: it happened last month, June 2015, patient came to me with a main complain of hypersensitivity of her upper left tooth.

  1. clinical view from occlusal showed an intact marginal ridge of upper left second premolar. but, a chalky white appearance can be seen on the distal site of this tooth.
  2. clinical lateral view of upper left second premolar showing an extension of the caries progression. this class II has extended deeply to the dentin. the restoration would be resin composite.
  3. caries removal and cavity preparation prior to composite resin restoration showing a deep cavity near the pulp (hyperaemic pulp).
  4. insertion of sectional matrix on the distal side of this premolar.  look at the gingival wall – matrix junction, it should be as tight as possible, and this can be approached by using appropriate wedge. i used triodent sectional matrix system (Ultradent) to restore the tooth with both universal ring available.
  5. placement of low shrinkage stress flowable composite resin material. I used Smart Dentin Replacement (Dentsply). it can adapt to cavity wall irregularities in high c-factor cavity. here i can get the predictable and achievable result in the adaptation of composite resin in the gingival wall.
  6. post final placement of composite resin prior to finishing and polishing.
  7. final result of composite resin restoration on upper left second premolar. i used only body color, and the composite was Z250 (3M ESPE), a microhybrid composite resin material. the polishers i used were white stone/arkansas, enhance (dentsply), and Soflex (3M ESPE).

Yup, that’s for my 23rd story in SekilasKonservasiGigi.Com, For more stories please visit CeritaPasienRio.Com or browse my fb at and don’t forget to click the follow botton on your rigth side to get the latest updates from my site.. see you on my next dental story.. thank You Very Much, keep UP the GOOD WORK!! keep on Sharing, with love from Jakarta, Indonesia

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-drg. Rio Suryantoro, Sp.KG-

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