Case 130: Two case of class 2 cavity with different approach (Motion Picture)

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welcome back to SekilasKonservasiGigi.Com, a full story of my mini series updated from my social media such as instagramfacebookgoogle plus, and also twitter. Sometimes, I also updated my cases at Line or Linkedin. 🙂 this topic will focus only on conservative dentistry cases such as restorative dentistry and endodontic or root canal treatment.


Two case of class 2 cavity with different approach


Case 1:
Patient came with sensitive tooth, a broken previous filling, and big cavity. He got his first dental treatment by previous operator, but failed when he used it for chewing.

After taking proper informed consent, I started the dental treament. At first, i took xray image, then placed #rubberdam (blossom rubberdam sheet and sanctuary rubberdam clamp). After cavity preparation, I put sectional matrix (Triodent).
As a first layer of my composite resin, i placed fiber reinforced composite, EverX (GC), followed with G-aenial (GC). Polished with Komet polishing composite kit and soflex (3M).
X ray evaluation with VistaRay 7.1 (Durr) showed an intact margin between composite resin and tooth structure, also a homogeneous body of restoration. 👉👉This will provide a predictable long term result regarding the resistance of this filling to withstand occlusal load. 💪💪

Second case:
Replacement of Old-Overhanged GIC Restoration
I got this referral case from my friend, a dentist, to do an endodontic treatment on lower rigth second premolar due to extensive secondary #caries seen from xray image. When i saw the tooth, i found an old and overhanged GIC restoration on both tooth 45 and 46. This patient never had assymptomatic pain before, and the patient’s main complain was about food retention.
After taking proper informed consent, i started checking the tooth. Surprisingly, the filling had loss its retention, so that i can remove it with ultrasonic scaler before placing sanctuary rubberdam. And, yes, the cavity was so deep, but the dentin still there. So, i decide to do a restoration than endo.
As the matrix, i chose GreaterCurve Matrix attached to Tofflemire matrix, place low_shrinkage_stress flowable composite (Filtek Bulkfill flowable from 3M shade A3), and capped it with packable composite (Ceram x one shade A3/D3 from DentsplySirona), followed with polishing. Xray evaluation with VistaRay 7.1 (Durr) showed intact margin and homogeneous restoration.

Hope this dental treatment will be a happily ever after story.

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