Case 120: Replacing amalgam with composite resin using two shade and no tint

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welcome back to SekilasKonservasiGigi.Com, a full story of my mini series updated from my social media such as instagramfacebookgoogle plus, and also twitter. Sometimes, I also updated my cases at Line or Linkedin. 🙂 this topic will focus only on conservative dentistry cases such as restorative dentistry and endodontic or root canal treatment.


Replacing amalgam with composite resin using two shade and no tint


Yesterday, patient came with a broken, 2 years old, and improper amalgam filling on upper left first molar, which has bothered her appearance, and regularly food debris stuck at the margin, not easy to remove, causing sensitive tooth and bad breath.


After taking proper informed consent, i did my dental treatment as follows:
1. Rubberdam placement: hu friedy rubberdam clamp and nictone rubberdam sheet. (Double high suction was used to suck amalgam debris after removal)
2. Filtek bulkfill flowable (3M) as first layer to make a good marginal adaptation.
3. Ever-X (fibre reinforced composite resin from GC), 2 mm.
4. G-Aenial (GC) shade A3 as a dentin color.
5. G-Aenial (GC) shade A1 as enamel color.
6. Finishing and polishing: regular arkansas stone, soflex (3M), and Enhance (Dentsply)

No tint nor color modifier was used, and now we are waiting for rehydration..

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